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Uniqueness of Hansa Stuffed Animals

If you are familiar with the Hansa brand of stuffed animals, then you already know that they are very unique products. These stuffed animals are so lifelike in their appearance; it is sometimes hard to believe that it is actually just a stuffed animal.  How does Hansa achieve this level of quality? Well it all has to do with their attention to detail! It takes a lot of hard work to make a product this good. Let’s take a peek at how they do it.

The process begins with an artist. The artist creates a rendering of the animal as that animal appears in its natural habitat. In order to ensure that the artist can create the animal just as it appears in the wild, the artist carefully selects custom fabrics. These fabrics are then hand cut and sewn specific to the individual piece. Hansa does not use machinery to cut their fabrics.

Different from other stuffed animals, the Hansa products are sewn from the inside out. This minimizes the number of seams that show to the consumer. The inside out sewing process also allows the artist to replicate details such as muscle tone and the special features of each animal.

These animals take anywhere from 40 to 240 different parts to build. Once the animal is stitched together, an artisan carefully airbrushes the details onto the animal by hand.

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