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Baby Pet Rats

Far too few people realize what an affectionate and loving animal a pet rat can be for their family. Many pet rats are from a long line of breeds that have been raised in captivity for years. These animals can be loving, affectionate, playful and very bonded with their human owners.

Pet rats have been known to learn their names, interact with their owner through simple games and even learn a trick or two. Each rat has a unique and distinct personality that you will come to know as their owner. Pet rats are naturally social creatures and will look forward to interactions with their owners. The best part is that these animals are nocturnal. This means that your pet will likely sleep while you are at school or work and be ready to play when you are at home in the morning and evening.

Pet rats, their cage and the tools required for their care don’t take up much space. This makes them an ideal pet for those living in apartments or other urban dwellings without much space. Not only that, but they are extremely clean. They are known to groom and clean themselves just like cats do.

At Village Pets, we have baby pet rats for sale that are handled daily. Stop in to meet some of our furry friends!

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