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Bonding with your New Pet

Do you want a pet but you’ve never lived with an animal before? Or maybe you have a pet at home but the two of you don’t understand each other? Well, don’t worry, a lot of people experience this at first with their pets. Just like people, animals need to form a relationship with their owners in order to feel comfortable. The two of you need to spend time together and learn each other’s behaviors. It will take some time for you and your pet to learn what each of you likes and dislikes.

If you interact with people who have had their pets for a longer period of time, you will find out that the relationship was not easy at first but with time it gets better.

Pet training

Training and handling your pet is very important in the development of mutual understanding. Sometimes it can be beneficial to enlist the help of professional trainer or your local pet store for instruction as to the best training method. During the training your pet will be able to learn particular signals and cues that you can use to communicate throughout your time together.

Name your pet

Naming your pet is very important because it gives it a unique identity, sense of self and sense of belonging. If you adopted your cat or dog from a shelter where it never had a name, then naming your new pet can give it confidence in you. Don’t fret if this is a process. Most pets take a while to start responding to their names. But when they do begin to respond, it will be a very rewarding experience. They also learn your sounds and signals. By you naming them, they come to understand that the two of you have a special relationship.

Spend time with your pet

Just as you invest time on your family and friends so as to build a stronger relationship with them so will you need to do the same with your pet. You need to spend time with your pet, enjoy special moments together and share various experiences with each other. This will surely strengthen the bond between the two of you and make your relationship stronger.

Standard communication

You and your pet need a special and standard communication style. The purpose of training your dog is to form a communication system. You should use familiar signals to communicate with your pet and also be consistent with your communication. If your method of communication is different or changes every day, then your pet will become confused and will never understand you.

Feeding time

Just like human beings the way to your pets’ heart is through their stomach. You need to feed your pet well and make sure it is satisfied every day. The food needs to be well prepared and made tasty for the pet to enjoy. You dog will love you if you feed it properly and will even love you more if you give it special treats once in a while, after all, variety is good at times to avoid boredom.

Play time

Playing with your pet is very important. Apart from taking your pet dog for their daily walks you need to play with them, for example, dogs love to play fetch. This will create a bond between the two of you and your pet will start enjoying and looking forward to spending time with you.

Temper control

Just like adults need to keep calm and not lose their tempers in front of kids, the same applies to pets. Avoid raising your voice or throwing things when your pet is around. This is either when you’re dealing with your cat or dog or when dealing with someone else. If you lose your temper around your pet they tend to get scared which may lead to anxiety and stress maybe even aggressive behavior. This is because they will feel threatened by you or by the situation. If you continuously lose your temper around your pet, the pet will become afraid and maybe aggressive towards you and will have a hard time trusting and forming a bond with you.

Know your pet

As a pet owner, you need to understand your pets’ behavior. You need to understand its facial expressions and other indicators of stress and discomfort. This is very important because it will help you detect if your pet is sick or has a problem and you will be able to solve the problem immediately for the benefit of your pet. You will be able to tell when your pet is sad, when it’s injured, if it needs extra attention from you and so on.

Likes and dislikes

Just like human beings, animals also have specific things they like and dislike. As a pet owner you need to take time and just understand what your pet likes and doesn’t like. Forcing your pet to do something it doesn’t like will strain the relationship between the two of you; this especially applies when it comes to our furry friends, cats and dogs.


Most pets love to be touched and massaged and stroked. They love being given that attention and just as you doing that lowers your stress levels and makes you feel better it does the same for your pet. The physical contact is important for the two of you to form that extra needed connection.

Be a friend

Never try to dominate your pet and show it that you’re the boss, this will only encourage aggressive behavior and a feeling of anxiety in your pet. Don’t be aggressive and commanding. You can control your pet and be firm without resorting to aggression and your pet will in turn respect you. You have to show your pet companion that you depend on each other by being friendly. Most people get a pet for companionship and friendship and so if you’re being commanding and aggressive to your pet then you will be defeating the purpose of having a pet.





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