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Hope you enjoyed the video! Here are some of the fun facts about Chameleons!

  1. The Chameleon’s upper and lower eyelids are merged and its eye can rotate nearly 180 degrees in all directions.
  2. Chameleon’s eyes can move independent of one another which allows the chameleon to look at two different things at once.
  3. The Chameleon has the longest tongue in proportion to its body of any animal. It keeps its tongue folded inside of its mouth like an accordion.
  4. Chameleons change color based on temperature and their mood. They can do this due to something in their skin called chromatophores which control their skin pigment.
  5. Chameleons are part of the iguana suborder of animals.
  6. There are 171 species of Chameleons.
  7. Chameleons continue to grow throughout their entire lives. They don’t shed all their skin at once like a snake does. Instead their old skin breaks off in bits and pieces as they grow.
  8. Chameleons diet consists of insects and sometimes birds (depending on the species of chameleon).
  9. Chameleons, as a species, give live birth as well as lay eggs. It all depends on the species of Chameleon.
  10. Chameleons are loners. They mostly live in a solitary existence. 

For more fun facts and reading about Chameleons click HERE.

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