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Hot Feet!

If you’ve walked outside anytime in the last few weeks, you know summer is in full swing.  With 100 + degree temperatures, warnings abound regarding leaving your pets in cars, and making sure they have plenty of cool water and shade.  However, a customer this last week reminded us of a very important concern that tends to be forgotten.  Our pets’ feet.
With Village Pets located next door to a veterinary hospital, many pet owners stop in while their pet is with the doctor.  This time, the veterinarian had sent the customer over to buy some foot protection for her dog.  The day before, the customer and her family had been beating the heat by swimming in their pool.  They were having a great time, diving, splashing and coaxing the dog in the pool.  When their dog was not in the pool, he was running around the side, barking and enjoying the ruckus.  No one noticed there was any issue until that night when the family’s precious pooch would not stand up.  Upon examination by the veterinarian, the dog had burned the pads of his feet so badly they had open wounds caused by heat blisters.  The feet had to be cleaned, debrided and wrapped to prevent infection and allow them to heal.
In this case, the dog’s excitement to play and have fun with his family put him out on hot concrete for too long a time.  When we wear shoes or are in the pool, we forget how hot the ground can be.  The darker the color of the ground, the hotter it will be.  Even if taking walks after the air temperature has cooled, the ground can retain heat that will surprise you.  I want to stress this was NOT a case of abuse or mistreatment by the owner.  It was an oversight that many make.
We now carry the “Cool Boot”.  A new technology dog boot that wicks heat away from the paw while reflecting additional heat and protecting from other dangers such as sharp rocks and glass is a must.  These boots have a patented tightening system that allows them to stay tight while allowing blood flow and movement throughout the leg and foot. 
They do take some getting used to for your four legged friend – many dogs tend to “moon step” and prance around during the first few fittings.  The best option is to put them on and go for a walk, or keep your dog distracted with activity or treats during this process.  Put them on and take them off often to get your dog used to her feet being handled.
In addition to these cool boots, we have other foot coverings and general temperature control products.  There are several type of cool shirts, vests, bandanas and beds, all with either heat wicking technology or ice pack containing pockets.  We will be happy to show you any of these items at your convenience.
Please note - If you do believe your dog has suffered a heat related injury, please bring him to a veterinarian immediately.
Keep cool Fair Oaks!

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